Eduardo has always craved for sharing messages, connecting and inspiring people to take action. Despite always being more comfortable in smaller groups of people, he started working on his speaking skills at an early age in order to feel more confident and speak out what he believed he had to convey to the world. Up until today, he’s had the chance to deliver talks on growth, success and entrepreneurship as a Global Citizen at multiple universities, companies and events in countries such as Mexico, Japan, Georgia, Malaysia, as well as a TEDx Talk in Ningbo, China by the age of 22.

Inspiring The Youth

Eduardo believes that shifting our reality comes from being constantly exposed to new ideas. As he thinks back in time, he laughs to remember he had no clue what he would be doing in the future, but he acknowledges that hearing others come share their story when he was in school always helped him get a sense of hope and inspiration of what he could become in the future. With this in mind, he decided he wanted to visit as many high-schools and universities as possible around the world to share with students a little bit of what could be called ‘inspiring cases’.

Creating Global Leaders

Having once experienced a dilemma between traveling the world on a budget vs. building a business without the perks of mobility, he decided to find a way to merge the best of both sides in order to achieve what he depicted as a ‘sweet balance’. After years of thorough thinking and work, he managed to create a methodology of Global Citizenship where people desiring to see the world can learn ways to do business wherever they are, and (viceversa) business owners who desire to expand internationally get to understand the ways they can accomplish this along with their businesses.

Consequently, it has become part of his mission to spread the message and bring such gap together through talks, trainings and workshops where he shares his blueprint to create global leaders through life & business internationalization.

Want Eduardo to come speak at your event?

Eduardo is constantly traveling around the world, so if you’re interested to have him visit your country and deliver a special talk, get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate and make your event a success.