Though Eduardo grew up in Mexico, he began embracing a transnational lifestyle by age 17, after attending to a public high school in Japan. A year later, he decided to join a full-time entrepreneurship development program before university where he focused on developing his skills and creating a long term life plan.

Eventually, he managed to study his degree throughout 3 countries (Malaysia, United Kingdom and China), while being in contact with these cultures and languages. Merely focused on personal development, his approach to integrating in each country eventually became his expertise, providing him with advantages over others thanks to his worldwide resourcefulness.

By age 25, he had already visited over 40 countries and learned several languages to different levels. Between them; Spanish, English, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Mandarin, and Turkish. 

Whilst Eduardo has managed to take advantage of the system through his methodology of global citizenship, it did not come at an easy price. Having faced mental limitations, social pressure and lack of resources himself, he understands what it takes to overcome these type of challenges. 



It was through his determined stubbornness, that he once came to experience a sudden refugee situation after his passport and money got stolen while living in an abandoned caravan.

After falling into a depression and quitting his job in China in 2017, he began questioning the purpose of all his travels and experiences, concluding that he wanted to help others achieve success and significance while still being able to see the world.

5 years later, he decided to head back to the place of the event in Tbilisi, Georgia, to reconnect with his past-self as a means to of motivation and drive to inspire others to follow the Global Citizen’s path.


Eduardo Beltran has spread his life around the world in different aspects. He runs a location-independent business established in Asia while operating in different countries throughout Europe and North America. His base at this moment is Georgia, although he is connected through resources in places such as China, Japan, and Mexico. 

With an unconventional background, 10 years of experience around the world, and strategic knowledge, Eduardo guides ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners helping them maximize their life freedom and power at a global scale.


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Common Questions

So far, I have lived in a total of 7 countries throughout my life. Mexico, United States, Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, China, and Georgia. Between the visited countries are Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Singapore, Albania, and others. And the languages that I know best are Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, and Hindi.

Before we could take advantage of internet and its tools to build an online business, I used up every excuse to go somewhere new. I’ve studied in 4 different countries and worked in a few of them as well (from part time jobs when younger to an actual China-Japan trade company), but that is tiring and unstable. The funny part is, I believed this was the only way around it.

Now, thanks to the resources we have today and the business and strategies I’ve built, I optimized my lifestyle in a way that I can spread my life and resources around the world to accelerate my growth, impact more people, see more places, and make money faster. A hypothetical example of what you can do with this is; you can live in Panama, own an online business in US that you can run remotely, get payed to your bank account in Europe, but pay taxes legally in Malaysia, get a second passport, spend your holidays in Egypt, visit Iran to learn Farsi, own a house in Turkey, and so on. All without having to look for a job or risking financial stability.

Creating an international lifestyle is not a thing that happens overnight but put in simple steps, you need to do 3 things in order to accelerate your development. I personally call these the 3 pillars to global success;

1) Rebooting your mindset: You have to unlearn everything you thought you knew about how life works. There are plenty of possibilities out there but it all begins by reestablishing new boundaries. If you want to go global, you must stop thinking so small and start developing a global perspective of things.

2) Acquiring the skills: In this fast-changing society, 99% of the things you know are pretty much obsolete already. But that’s the education system to blame, not you. Now, if you don’t want to stay behind, you must stay relevant. That means you must understand how to readapt to new changes and relearn whenever they come. For this, there are two types of skills you must master; the ‘online skill’, and the ‘offline skill’. That means you must understand how to make money with the internet, while nurturing real business partnerships.

3) Crafting a strategic plan: With the right mentality and skills, you can leverage circumstances around you. However, the starting point to achieving what you want is having clarity. In other words, once you reboot your mindset and understand what’s possible, you should define where you’re heading and how you are going to accomplish it. At this stage, you will be able to structure your life in a way that will multiply your success, power, freedom, mobility, and profit.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to enhance your life and business, maximize your time and profit by leveraging i18N (internationalization) resources and strategies, you can apply for a strategy call with me here where we can explore how we can work together to accomplish your goals.

If you wish to start a business that allows you to fuel the lifestyle you want around the world, I advice you to save a seat for my next online masterclass where I will show you exactly how you can go from having no idea of what business you can start, to getting your first clients no matter where you are in less than 90 days.